Quality Management


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Quality Management Systems

Motivated by a commitment to continuing quality improvement, SEALMASTERS adopted the international standard of quality ISO 9000. We gained accreditation in 1996.

This recognition of our high service quality ensures that we remain at the forefront of seal technology.

Quality Assured Service

A look to the future...

SEALMASTERS believes investment is the key to success in the market place. To this end, we give it a priority. We have invested in custom made stock control technology, and Computer Aided Design facilities.

Our staff are regularly trained in the latest seal technology systems, to enable them to offer the best advice to our customers.

The near future will see SEALMASTERS adopting bar code facilities for receipt and despatch of stock.

We embrace advances in working practices and are willing to work with our customers on these issues. Whether it be automated ordering or integrated design functions, SEALMASTERS will be happy to adapt, to meet these changes.

Look to the Future